Portland Wedding Musicians

Looking for Wedding Musicians for Your Oregon Wedding?

We offer wedding musicians including string quartet, Irish fiddle, jazz violin, sacred music and so much more! Basically if you want a violinist at your wedding, look no further! From solo to full on string orchestras, we can create the right size and style musical group for your wedding day.

Browse our song lists to see our amazingly diverse repertoire! And keep reading to explore our ensemble options.

String Quartet for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

String Quartet Wedding Hawaii

String Trio and Quartet Samples

A string quartet is the classic wedding music look and vibe featuring two violins, viola and cello.   A string quartet is also one of the most prominent chamber ensembles in classical music, with most of the most famous composers in classical music writing string quartets from the 18th century onwards. Learn more about string quartets. Our string quartet is unique because in addition to traditional wedding music we offer a huge song list of contemporary music.  Read more about our approach and browse our String Quartet song list. here.

We also stand out from many string quartets because of the level of musicianship of our performers: hint, they’re really really good players!  We work with top performers from Portland’s vibrant music community including members of the Oregon Symphony, Ballet, Opera and Chamber Music groups.  We combine incredible musical arrangements of traditional and contemporary music with top caliber performers and the end result is something that could stand alone in a concert hall . . . but we bring it to your wedding and play it just for you!

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We also offer string trio and duo option for smaller sized events.
•Song selections from Effesenden Music’s String Repertoire list
•Almost any traditional classical piece scored for string quartet even if not on our current list.
•2 New Songs arranged specifically for your day plus options for additional customization< •Happy to travel to your destination event and perform as long as their is protection from increment weather and/or direct sun. Wedding Musicians Solo Violinist For a Wedding

Solo Violinist for Wedding Ceremony

Solo Violin is a great choice for intimate wedding ceremony music.  A solo violin can play almost any song as long as the piece has a memorable melody.  There are a number of classical pieces even written specifically for solo violin such as Bach’s Partitas.  A personal favorite piece of Effesenden Music founder Wendy Goodwin for solo violin at a wedding is one called Appalachian Journey- it is a fusion of Classical and Americana written by American fiddle player Mark O’Connor.  Check out this link to O’Connor performing.

Effesenden Violin and Cello Duo for Wedding Ceremony Music

Beginning in September 2017 we will offer our violin and cello duo.  This beautiful duo is elegant, compact and a great choice for a classically oriented wedding ceremony.

•All of the standard classical wedding repertoire(see list)
**We are just starting our custom pop playlist for this ensemble and will have more soon.

Effesenden Violin and Guitar Duo
(Also great for an Irish fiddle vibe)

Effesenden Music’s violin and guitar duo can play Classical, Jazz and Contemporary music.  Where the sound really shines is for couples wanting an acoustic vibe especially a Celtic Fiddle style.  We find this sound especially suited for rustic, chic venues such as wineries, private outdoor venues, the Oregon Coast and Central Oregon.

•Song Selections from our Acoustic Repertoire list
•2 New Songs arranged specifically for your day
•Under most circumstances, vocals are also available as our musicians are multi-talented!
•Amplification for our instruments if needed

Effesenden Acoustic Quartet

Effesenden Violin and Piano Duo

Effesenden Music’s Violin and Piano duo is an incredibly elegant option that offers a range of styles from Classical to Jazz to Contemporary.  If there is no piano at the venue, we provide our own quality keyboard and amplification or we are happy to assist you in renting a beautiful acoustic piano from one of Portland’s local shops.  Our duo includes optional vocals but we are also happy to accompany your guest vocalist.  Popular venues for our Violin and Piano duo include the Portland Art Museum, Church and Cathedral Weddings and outdoor patios for beautiful ceremony music followed by awesome cocktail hour jazz.  Our repertoire and style is very unique— couples who love groups like the Piano Guys will find this duo option a slam dunk.

•Song Selections from our Acoustic Repertoire list
•Almost any traditional classical piece scored for Piano & Violin (there is so much music out there for this ensemble from Classical greats like Mozart to iconic Jazz standards.)
•2 New Songs arranged specifically for your day
•Under most circumstances, vocals are available.
•Amplification for instruments if needed
•Tons of options for adding instrumentation:  Cello, Bass, Vocals, Drums and More!

Effesenden Violin and Piano
Ensemble Samples with Piano

Effesenden Acoustic Trio:  Violin, Cello and Guitar

This is one of our favorite ensemble options.  You get the beauty of classical strings harmonizing with the energy and rhythm of acoustic guitar.  We have a huge repertoire of music arranged for this instrumentation and it is a great choice for almost any venue.  From Classical to Contemporary, to Acoustic and Jazz, the ensemble can focus on one style or shift seamlessly between  styles to create different ambiances at your ceremony and reception.

•Song selections from our Acoustic Repertoire List
•2 New Songs Arranged Specifically for your day
•Amplification for our instruments if needed
•Optional vocals available with most ensembles

Violin, Guitar and Cello and More

And So Many More Options for Your Special Day!

Because our entire focus is on making the music really match your unique style as a couple, we often provide instrumentation combinations that are custom designed for a particular event.  Examples include Jazz Bands for wedding receptions, ensembles with classically trained vocalists for Catholic Wedding Masses, a string trio in combination with acoustic instruments such as guitar, bass and drums for an incredibly unique sound and access to both repertoire lists (Strings and Acoustic), and Chamber Ensembles featuring winds, brass and more.)  Let’s start a conversation and shape the music to really fit your wedding celebration!