2010: Diverse and Creative Music

It has been a really enjoyable year for us at Effesenden so far.  Being able to play creative music for people who really value our attention to detail, quality and customer service has been highly satisfying.  Since our best form of advertising is the positive experiences of our clients, here is sampling of their responses.

Effesenden String Trio:  playing  Tangos, Baroque, Rock and Bach
“Thanks for your part in making our Intel Technology Development Grand Celebration June 2010 a immensely successful event.  I appreciate your professionalism, dedication and art. It truly added to the ambiance of our event. I have been doing these events for 30+ years now, I believe beyond doubt this event was one my best, and Effesenden Music contributed to that wonderful and meaningful success.” 
                                        -Ed Bonnot, LTD Projects/WRCS Manager at Intel 
Effesenden Guitar, Violin & Bass playing Classical, Oldies and Swingin’ Jazz
“Thank you so much for playing at our wedding last night. You and your
musicians were incredible. So many of our guests told us they never wanted
you to stop playing. Thank you for making our day more beautiful.”
                                         -Tim and Natalie at Garden Vineyards

Effesenden Guitar, Violin, Cello and Vocals playing Scottish, Classic Rock and Folk
“Your music was my favorite detail of the day. You have such a gift and I’m
so glad you shared it with me and the people I love!  Thanks so very very much!”
                                         -Janet W. at Youngberg Hills Vineyard and Inn

Effesenden String Quartet playing traditional classical music
“The highlight of Jody¹s ceremony was the beautiful music. Several commented
on the selections and the excellence of the musicians. We were all thrilled
to have such accomplished musicians and selections.”
                                         -Patti L. at the Resort at the Mountain

Effesenden String Quartet playing Ballet, Movie themes and late Romantic classical music
”Wendy, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful music for Jennifer’s
wedding! It was exactly what I had hoped for!”
                                         -Barb H. at Youngberg Hills Vineyard and Inn

Effesenden String Trio playing a specially arranged song from the video game “Final Fantasy” along with traditional music: Canon in D and other classical selections.
“We both thought you did an amazing job at our wedding, especially the Final Fantasy peice.  Thanks!”
                                          -Tammy and Marcus L. at Warner Pacific Chapel