Pop Wedding Songs Trending in 2018 | Have You Chosen Your Music?

Have some fun choosing your wedding songs!

Pop Wedding Songs
Are you looking for something off the beaten path of Canon in D and the Wedding March for your wedding ceremony music? If you’re a little bit nontraditional in your wedding plans, you’ve come to the right place for pop wedding song inspiration.

Pop Songs to Inspire Your Wedding Playlist

Instead of a limited list of classical music, with maybe a Beatles tune here and there, we currently have over 500 custom arrangements of everything from Elvis to Lady Gaga. The best part is that every year our song list grows. You can check out our current repertoire right here on our website. I love saying “sure!” when people come up with all kinds of creative ideas for their wedding music. Yes, we can even arrange Rap and R&B. It just takes a little bit of creativity. . . but we’re musicians and creativity goes with the territory.

Top Wedding Songs in 2018: the Frontrunners

People love an amazing diversity of musical styles but there also seem to be certain songs and musical artists that rise to the top and this year, his name is Mr. Ed Sheeran.

If you’re one of those savvy couples who has chosen Ed Sheeran’s November hit, “Perfect,” for your ceremony processional, I just want to say “Well done!” The music has such a strong melody and that’s one of the key things that determine a great instrumental version of a popular song.

What’s more Ed Sheeran has a reputation for being a bit of a wedding crasher himself. If you haven’t already heard the heartwarming story of his surprise performance for an Australian couple’s first dance in 2016, you can read the story on InStyle‘s website.

If you haven’t checked out Sheeran’s video, grab some kleenexes and settle in.

Coming in at a close second for two years straight is the gorgeous ballad “A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri from the motion picture, “Twilight.”

Perri’s voice is so haunting and vulnerable. Our arrangement puts a big spotlight on the cello. The rich tones really lend to the haunting melody. I’ve arranged this piece for not only our string trio and string quartet but also our acoustic ensembles with guitar, piano, violin and bass.

Don’t Forget Your Wedding Recessional!

I’m really in love with Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm right now. This song is going to be so awesome with string quartet. I know it might be hard to picture when you’re watching Perry in those awesome Gogo boots and hearing the groovy bass, but it definitely lends itself well to strings.

A second song that is just so fantastic is Maroon Five’s “Sugar.” If you haven’t checked out this video, take a break from your seating charts and check it out. These guys drove all over LA crashing weddings. I wish they would crash a wedding we were performing at!

What about you? What is your perfect wedding music? If you’re having live music at your wedding ceremony, have you chosen your songs yet? If you are still thinking about adding the beauty and energy of live strings to your wedding ceremony, contact us to talk about your special day! We would love to help you out.

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Need some more inspiration? Check out this article on WeddingWire to give you even more ideas for your perfect wedding songs!

Wedding Music Trends for 2017

Two weeks ago Effesenden Music’s acoustic duo performed for an awesome wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes. Though Mother Nature decided to bestow buckets of Oregon spring rain on that Sunday afternoon, a spirit of joy and authenticity prevailed as the happy couple, their bridal party, guests and our duo stayed dry under canopy tents that didn’t diminish the gorgeous lake and forest view.

This wedding is representative of some really great trends we’re noticing in 2017 weddings and how they impact live ceremony and cocktail hour music.

1. Wedding style and choices are made by couples instead of one person.

In our case since we offer live music, it’s something that almost everyone has their preferences about so I’m so glad to see both partners sharing their ideas and favorite songs. This most recent wedding featured for processional, the theme song from the classic 80s Anne of Green Gables show (the bride’s pick)! For the groom, we wrote a custom arrangement of the theme from Indiana Jones.

2. Game of Thrones music.
I . . . don’t know . . .but it’s SO fun to play!

Okay, maybe I DO know. People don’t really get married anymore because it’s the “thing responsible people do.” It’s all about finding someone to share a journey with and I think this theme music, like many other movie soundtracks that have become classics, really captures that spirit of adventure!

3. Many couples want a more relaxing, laid back ambiance as guests arrive.
From ideas like party games to pre-wedding beverages to the fact that I frequently see members of the bridal party mingling with guests before the ceremony begins, there seems to be a lot less emphasis on the formality and structure that one used to see at a wedding ceremony. Music choices for Prelude can do a lot to set and enhance a relaxing vibe. Some of my favorite prelude music choices include:

Classic Jazz Standards

  • What a Wonderful World
  • When I Fall in Love
  • My Romance

Pop Ballads and Classics

  • The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson
  • Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones
  • You Are the Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder
  • Stand By Me
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • If I Fell by the Beatles

Celtic and Bluegrass Ballads
While most people don’t recognize specific names of fiddle tunes like Star of the County Down or Banish Misfortune, they love the vibe and sound of Irish music. I think interestingly this may have become popular back when Titanic came out and has just never dissipated!

What about you? Where are you getting your ideas for your wedding ceremony music? As a guest at other weddings, what makes you feel relaxed and happy?

Beyond the Wedding March

Taste in music is one of the quickest ways to get a feel for someone’s personality. How many times has the question of favorite band been posed to you on a date or an airplane ride? How about Oprah’s “What’s playing in so and so’s ear” feature each month in O Magazine?  Maybe taste in music was even one of the things that drew you and your partner together in the first place!

So why then when it comes to wedding ceremony music do people believe that if they want live music, it has to be some classical piece that they have absolutely no emotional connection with? Don’t get me wrong, I love classical music—I started studying it at age 3. . . but what I really love and what brought me into the wedding business is being able to play songs that matter to the people who hear them—whether that is Pachelbel’s Canon in D or Beautiful Day by U2.

Listen to Effesenden Music

Many groups accommodating a special request of your beloved song typically go no further than photocopying readily-available sheet music and reading it ‘on the fly’ at your event. This can lead to erratic consistency in quality, and you have to ask yourself whether, in these cases, you’re better off with an i-pod.

Every pop song that Effesenden Music performs is arranged by our players for our players. We also practice the music before showing up at your wedding: it makes a difference. A lot of string players are not used to the rhythms and styles of rock and pop. We make sure that we get not only the melody but the feel of your song.

We also have diverse options for instruments. String quartets are visually gorgeous but we have many other options for instrumentation including incredible vocalists. We can even provide the accompaniment if you have a friend who will be singing a special song.

What all of this means is that Effesenden Music can create a live playlist of music for your ceremony that is going to be meaningful to you and your guests with all of the elegance and sophistication that live music brings. We can mix all kinds of styles of music together yet the overall sound will be consistent because it is being performed by one ensemble.

We can go beyond ceremony to cocktail hour, dinner and even reception music to save the hassle of coordinating with more than one company. We also recommend some excellent DJs.

With seven years in the wedding industry, we’ve developed an extensive list of songs that are already in our repertoire.  Effesenden Music’s pricing options vary depending on whether you find something you like on our lists or would like us to create a unique soundtrack from your own musical VIP list.

Check out our musical sample page and let us know your ideas. Effesenden Music would love to help create your unique wedding day atmosphere by playing music that is beautiful and meaningful to you!