Violin Lessons: A Few Openings This Fall


I am passionate about inspiring children to explore their love of music through violin.  Many programs are one size fits all …you’re paying for a lease.  You’re paying for marketing.  This is not always the best for families as a whole.  

My lesson studio is tailored to the unique interests and learning style of your child.  You don’t have to be an expert musician yourself in order for your child to succeed at violin nor do you have to drop all of your other obligations so that violin dominates your family’s life.
Music lessons are about building confidence, creativity, relationships with both child and family, commitment to goals and…fun!

With 14 years of experience as a private instructor, I am also an active performing musician and recording artist in not just Classical, but Jazz, Celtic and Folk.  I hold a Master’s degree in Violin and have taught in public, private and collegiate school settings.  I have a very low turnover rate amongst my students and can provide many references.  Best of all, I am a mama and I understand intimately the privilege it is to be an influence in a child’s life.  I only want the best for my daughter and know that you feel the same about your child.

I welcome enthusiastic beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 4-19 to my NW Portland studio.  For more information including references please e-mail me or give me a call! 

Fall schedule begins the week after Labor Day!

Studio Violin & Piano Recital—November 1st, 2009

I am so blessed as an artist and a human being to have these out of body moments when I look down on my life and think “Really?  I get to do this?  How cool!”  Sunday the 1st of November was one such day.  Friend and colleague Tasha hosted our joint studio recital in her beautiful home.  We had a wonderful turnout of well prepared students.  Some of them were even joined by musically inclined parents—how beautiful when music can become not only a form of expression, a study in language for a child… but also a parent child bonding experience!  I look forward immensely to our next recital in May.

Violin and Cello and VivaldiDueling Fiddles

A beautiful dress to go with beautiful music

  Tasha is a great piano teacher—the kids were not only playing but some sang along with their performance.  These photos were taken by Yvonne Kazmierowicz, an amazing mother of four who I admire greatly for a myriad of reasons, one of them being her photography skills.