Behind the Bow

In 2002, Wendy Goodwin married the love of her life, received a Master’s Degree in Classical Violin Performance and founded Effesenden Music. It was a busy year! The nucleus of the company is to provide customized live wedding music of exceptional quality, tailored to the individual tastes of Effesenden’s clients.

Wendy Goodwin Bio PicWhere many musicians are rooted in just one style, Wendy’s experience and prowess with Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic and Rock music, in combination with her flair for organization quickly distinguished Effesenden Music as a very popular choice for weddings. The company’s careful attention to detail and professionalism have made it a success with corporate events as well.


When not writing arrangements, Wendy loves connecting with new friends and expanding her artistic community.  She has enjoyed performing and touring nationally with Grammy nominated soundtrack artists Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning for the past eight years and is currently working on a relaunch of her beloved Acoustic Christmas Series  of family friendly concerts in local venues.  She also enjoys encouraging the next generation of musicians through private lessons, clinics and residencies.  For more information about Wendy’s passionate work with children, please visit The Friendly Violin.

If it’s not music, then it’s all about family.  Wendy is incredibly grateful to be raising two little girls in one of America’s most incredible urban cities.