Inspiration for Live Wedding Music from Lindsey Stirling, the Piano Guys and Effesenden Music’s Latest Songs!

Last  night’s wedding featured one of my favorite ensembles to work with– our Acoustic Quartet.  With Piano, Guitar, Violin, Bass and a couple of vocal things it really is an incredibly versatile ensemble.  We performed live prelude music, ceremony music and cocktail hour music before handing over the “baton” to the DJ.

Our clients requested a couple of Pearl Jam tunes and Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters,” so I spent some time immersing myself in that music in order to write the arrangements.

We’ve been writing and performing our custom arrangements of popular music since 2002 but in recent years a few artists have really helped popularize the very style of music that we provide.  These artists are violinist Lindsey Stirling, the Piano Guys– a violin and cello duo, and the Vitamin String Quartet.  I’m so glad that these musical groups are out there! If you’re not familiar, check out the links below, some of my favorite songs by these groups.  Beyond the usual repertoire lists and musical advice you find on wedding websites like the Knot, Youtube is a great place to get inspired and it also helps your live musicians really get a sense of what you like if you send them a link to your favorite songs.

John Legend & Lindsey Stirling~  All of Me

Also, check out our recording of the quartet performing this piece during last night’s prelude!

Here’s another of my favorites– from The Piano Guys!

The Piano Guys~ A Thousand Years (from the motion picture Twilight)

I would SO love to play with these guys.  I really appreciate their musicality and they have demonstrated to 93 million YouTube viewers that instrumental covers do NOT have to become the dreaded “Elevator Music!”  Oh and also how cool to have a piano in the middle of a beautiful nature setting!

The bottom line is that you should not be limited to whatever the “Wedding Sampler album of Baroque music” might have on it.  While Classical music is awesome and we love playing it for weddings and elsewhere, the sky is the limit as to what you can have performed live when you work with quality musicians.

As far as our own recordings, I was really surprised when I looked at the listening stats to learn that the three most popular songs we have recorded on our demo material currently are: The Kiss from the motion picture Last of the Mohicans, Single Ladies by Beyonce, and Now We Are Free from the motion picture Gladiator.  The clips are below, listing their instrumentation.

The Kiss ~ from the motion picture Last of the Mohicans
String Quartet + Vocals and Percussion

Single Ladies by Beyonce
String Trio with Guitar Percussion

Now We Are Free ~ from the motion picture Gladiator
String Quartet + Vocals and Percussion