On a Personal Note~ 12 Years Deep

I just celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary.  The music at our wedding included a Minuet from Handel’s Water Music for seating of family followed by an instrumental arrangement of With a Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles followed by a song I’d heard Sara and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek perform at the Mark O’Connor fiddle camp the year prior to our wedding.  Our recessional was a recording of the Benny Goodman orchestra playing Sing, Sing, Sing because we met swing dancing.  At our reception we danced to Eva Cassidy’s beautiful ballad The Songbird.

Every year around this time I find myself thinking about what songs would comprise the musical soundtrack of our present lives.

Past year winners have included:

3×5 by John Mayer

Marry You by Bruno Mars

Catch Me if I Try by David Wilcox

Vienna by Billy Joel

To Whom it May Concern by the Civil Wars

Magic from Coldplay’s forthcoming Ghost Stories album is a strong contender with its stunningly raw and beautiful lyrics.


Call it magic

Call it true

Call it magic

When I’m with you

And I just got broken

Broken into two

Still I call it magic

When I’m next to you


And I don’t, and I don’t and I don’t, and I don’t

No, I don’t,

It’s true

I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t, no, I don’t want anybody else but you


I was sad when I read the news of the Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow split.  When difficult events take place in the personal lives of artists, the media pours over their work to look for the “warning signs” and analyzes every word ever spoken in an interview to reveal the trouble that was supposedly brewing.  But it is so hypocritical that our society does this when anyone who’s been in a meaningful relationship well knows that there are a lot of ups and downs. . .oh and by the way, a byproduct of that is often beautiful art.

Working in the wedding industry as I do, I see so many of the ups:  radiant couples giddily planning every details of their wedding celebration.  I always ask my clients how they met and I love hearing these romantic stories.  Their joy reminds me of my own love story for which I’m grateful.  I sometimes wonder about the downs—hoping that this magic remains for them just as it has for my sweet neighbors who, deep into their 70s still travel the world together and sing one another’s praises when the other one is not in the room.

At 12 years, I don’t consider myself any sort of marriage expert but one thing that I do believe is that you have to work at the things that are important to you.  If Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to be a success in one’s professional field, how about 10,000 hours spent focused on your relationship?  What would that look like?

Well… for me, that sounds like a joyful endeavor and thus, this year’s official winner of personal theme song:



“Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.”~ Happiness is my family.