Indelible Moments

Effesenden Violinist Performs in MauiI’ve already written a few times about the Effesenden string quartet’s trip to Hawaii in June but there is one part of the story that I still wanted to share.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and for this reason, I really had hoped to have some professional pictures taken of our group while we were in Maui just to provide that visual connection between well… strings and sand and palms.  But my first priority was to make sure that our music was at its best for the wedding at Haiku Mill and so hiring a photographer was set aside.

So here we were amidst exploding cloud and fire colors atop Haleakala Crater for 15 minutes of sunset after having wolfed down hamburgers (wearing all white… what a risky thing to do) and having driven through fog on crazy winding roads for over an hour.  My awesome husband who is no shabby photographer was snapping away images but there’s only so much a lay photographer can do with an average camera and challenging light.

A few minutes into our “photo shoot,” we noticed another gentleman taking pictures of our group.  As it turned out, we were in the presence of greatness there on top of the world:  Alan Webb, a professional photographer from Colorado just happened to be  shooting photos of the sunset while on his vacation.  He introduced himself and showed us some of the images.  I could hardly believe the good fortune– here were these gorgeous pictures with perfect focus and amazing color.

I just got the photos back and as I looked at them on full screen, I was reminded of something an amazing artist and mentor in my life, Melanie Weidner used to talk about:  Indelible Moments.  Indelible moments are those seemingly coincidental incredible happenings in life that actually occur more often than we realize if we are paying attention. . . and the more we pay attention, the more we see and the more of them we see, the more hope and beauty and love and joy we see in this world.

I really believe that in spite of all the planning that goes into weddings from both those of us who are professionally involved and those of us who are personally connected, the more we can be on the watch for indelible moments, the more joy we will experience on these precious wedding days.

Have Strings Will Travel!

This summer Effesenden Music has enjoyed playing weddings in Napa and Hawaii in addition to events throughout the state of Oregon.  We offer a unique service with our focus on Customized Live Strings and we are happy to take this labor of love wherever it will be appreciated.  I already do a lot of touring as a performing artist so why not travel to play for weddings too?

Effesenden Trio Ceremony Music in Napa

By keeping Effesenden’s Repertoire ever changing, the combination of instruments in flux and the destinations exciting, our team of musicians is enthusiastic and we never become complacent about our role in weddings because… well, we care and we challenge ourselves to give our best.

The logistics of hiring Effesenden Music to travel for your wedding are really not as formidable as they might seem.  While there may be some practical expenses involved, we typically offset those by offering additional value to our clients:  including services for free that normally come at a cost such as additional song arrangements, rehearsal attendance or extra performance time. When you hold up the end product that you receive by working with Effesenden and compare that with the fees that a local group might charge you for the same suite of services, you might actually even be getting a deal–and you almost certainly are when you factor in the level of quality, experience and passion that are a proven track record with our company.

Effesenden String Quartet in Hawaii