Studio Violin & Piano Recital—November 1st, 2009

I am so blessed as an artist and a human being to have these out of body moments when I look down on my life and think “Really?  I get to do this?  How cool!”  Sunday the 1st of November was one such day.  Friend and colleague Tasha hosted our joint studio recital in her beautiful home.  We had a wonderful turnout of well prepared students.  Some of them were even joined by musically inclined parents—how beautiful when music can become not only a form of expression, a study in language for a child… but also a parent child bonding experience!  I look forward immensely to our next recital in May.

Violin and Cello and VivaldiDueling Fiddles

A beautiful dress to go with beautiful music

  Tasha is a great piano teacher—the kids were not only playing but some sang along with their performance.  These photos were taken by Yvonne Kazmierowicz, an amazing mother of four who I admire greatly for a myriad of reasons, one of them being her photography skills.

Beyond the Wedding March

Taste in music is one of the quickest ways to get a feel for someone’s personality. How many times has the question of favorite band been posed to you on a date or an airplane ride? How about Oprah’s “What’s playing in so and so’s ear” feature each month in O Magazine?  Maybe taste in music was even one of the things that drew you and your partner together in the first place!

So why then when it comes to wedding ceremony music do people believe that if they want live music, it has to be some classical piece that they have absolutely no emotional connection with? Don’t get me wrong, I love classical music—I started studying it at age 3. . . but what I really love and what brought me into the wedding business is being able to play songs that matter to the people who hear them—whether that is Pachelbel’s Canon in D or Beautiful Day by U2.

Listen to Effesenden Music

Many groups accommodating a special request of your beloved song typically go no further than photocopying readily-available sheet music and reading it ‘on the fly’ at your event. This can lead to erratic consistency in quality, and you have to ask yourself whether, in these cases, you’re better off with an i-pod.

Every pop song that Effesenden Music performs is arranged by our players for our players. We also practice the music before showing up at your wedding: it makes a difference. A lot of string players are not used to the rhythms and styles of rock and pop. We make sure that we get not only the melody but the feel of your song.

We also have diverse options for instruments. String quartets are visually gorgeous but we have many other options for instrumentation including incredible vocalists. We can even provide the accompaniment if you have a friend who will be singing a special song.

What all of this means is that Effesenden Music can create a live playlist of music for your ceremony that is going to be meaningful to you and your guests with all of the elegance and sophistication that live music brings. We can mix all kinds of styles of music together yet the overall sound will be consistent because it is being performed by one ensemble.

We can go beyond ceremony to cocktail hour, dinner and even reception music to save the hassle of coordinating with more than one company. We also recommend some excellent DJs.

With seven years in the wedding industry, we’ve developed an extensive list of songs that are already in our repertoire.  Effesenden Music’s pricing options vary depending on whether you find something you like on our lists or would like us to create a unique soundtrack from your own musical VIP list.

Check out our musical sample page and let us know your ideas. Effesenden Music would love to help create your unique wedding day atmosphere by playing music that is beautiful and meaningful to you!

The Tradition Returns: Acoustic Christmas is Coming!


Back for it’s sixth season, we are delighted to present three concerts this year!

Wednesday, December 2nd:  7:00 PM  Newberg Friends Church
307 South College Street  Newberg, OR 97132

Thursday, December 17th:  7:00 PM  Sydney’s Cafe with guest artist Dave Iula
NW 15th & Thurman Portland, OR 97209 503.241.4313

Tuesday, December 22nd:  Holladay Park Retirement Community
Portland, Oregon (semi-private event) 
If you are interested in attending, please call 503.860.7688

For your enjoyment, here is a live recording of Midnight on the Water from 2007.  Grab yourself a cup of cocoa (with marshmallows please) and enjoy!

Midnight on the Water Live