Wendy Nirvana—Violin Outdoor Girl


Last Wednesday & Thursday it was Wendy Nirvana as some of my favorite pass-times converged.

Like Starbust candy: sweet and tart at the same time.

Like Oreo cookies:  creaminess and crunchiness working together for the ultimate junk food experience.

In other words…

I got to be outdoor adventure girl with my violin!  Together with brave fellow musicians Ashley, Nelly & Kelli we were part of a video shoot that drew us from the very rugged edge of the Oregon Coast (and when I say edge, I mean edge!) to the watery wonderland of the Columbia River Gorge. 


There was a great team spirit facilitated in part by my dear parents who came along to bless us with amazing food and care for the wee ones of Effesenden.  We met new friends: thanks Tye & David for all of the trees leapt out of and rivers forded.  We bowed to the whims of artistic genius and adventurous madman Sam Martin (I mean that in the most complimentary of ways Sam!)  And now we wait with great anticipation to see what  emerges from this wild ride. 

I am so excited to share the finished piece with all of you!  From the little bit of footage we saw, I think it’s going to be very unique!  Until then I will continue to nurse my aching feet and mosquito bitten arms.