Jeff Cumpston

As many of you have probably already read in the Oregonian, Portland drummer and educator Jeff Cumpston was tragically killed in a bicycle accident last weekend while on a two year teaching stint in Africa.  Prior to his trip, I had the privilege of performing with Jeff in our 2007 Acoustic Christmas series as well as in the Rising Violet band from 2006-2008.  Jeff was a wonderful part of our Effesenden Musician family…

Acoustic Christmas Ensemble 2007
Acoustic Christmas Ensemble 2007

I just want to say what an amazing man Jeff Cumpston was and how blessed I was to have known and played music with him.
An incredible drummer but always wanting to grow and expand his playing… an incredibly encouraging mentor both in the way he worked with his students at West Linn High and in his enthusiasm for the music that Naomi LaViolette and I were writing and arranging for Rising Violet and Acoustic Christmas in 2006-2007.  On top of all that, the man was absolutely hilarious and made the hang time after a performance so much fun.  I hope that I can live my life with half the impact that he did.  Miss you Jeff.

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