Acoustic Christmas is Coming!

In 2003, Acoustic Christmas started out with a very simple goal.  I wanted to do something to honor the memory of my grandfather, Orin Stahlnecker who had ended a long battle with cancer earlier that year.  Grandpa Stahlnecker was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known and is probably going to be one of the first people I look up when I get to heaven someday.  (He will probably be building something with his hands… or possibly fishing.)

It is the earnest wisdom and complete commitment that Grandpa Stahlnecker brought into his everyday living that I have endeavored to emulate in the music and the performances of Acoustic Christmas.  We have not cut corners.  We have been creative.  We have been relational and we have tried to create something beautiful that would bless the lives of those who came to join us for an evening of candlelit music.

I love the planning and the dreaming that usually begins in the heat of summer… but the thing I love most is when it all comes together and we can pour our hearts and souls into creating authentic, creative, heart-warming holiday music. 

This year I am more excited than ever about the series of concerts we have in store.  We have been invited into two venues—Beaverton Foursquare Church and Newberg Friends Church who have really partnered with us in the vision that coming together in community for an evening of beautiful, festive music as families…as friends… is a wonderful way to pause in the midst of the busy season to consider what it’s all about.  They are also providing some exciting infrastructure like cookies and cocoa at NFC  (Can a cookie be an infrastructure?) and lighting and sound at Beaverton! 

There are a million events to choose from in those busy days between Thanksgiving and New Years.  I am fully confident that if you choose to put our Acoustic Christmas series on your family calendar, you will leave feeling uplifted, relaxed and inspired…. And if all else fails, at least you can leave with your tummy full of cookies.

Playing at Sydneys, December 2007
Playing at Sydneys, December 2007


We are on CD Baby & I-tunes!


Just wanted to share that Effesenden Music’s CDs and music are now available on CD Baby & I-tunes!  I am very excited… and I hope that the nice gentleman from Germany we met at Evergreen Aviation Museum last Fall will hear this news since we never did get your contact information! 

For those of you unfamiliar with CD Baby, it is a distribution site for independent music.  CD Baby is easy to use and completely secure and safe.  You’ll find it much like Amazon or any of the other major online retailers.  Simply place an order and CDs can be sent directly to you and your loved ones!

Of course we hope you’ll still come out to our shows where CDs are always available for purchase but these days, convenience is next to godliness so we’re happy to make it just that much easier for you to take us home with you!

Here’s what you’ll find when you visit our pages at CD Baby:

Road Less Traveled (Wendy Goodwin’s solo project) Check it out!
At the violin infused crossroads of Americana, Pop, Classical and Jazz

Night of Hope: (Acoustic Christmas) Check it out!
The musical equivalent to a warm mug of cocoa by a cozy fire. Beloved holiday songs performed by a charming blend of violin, piano, guitar, bass and vocals.