Got Canon in D Love?

Of all the songs we perform for weddings, Johannes Pachelbel’s Canon in D is probably the most requested.  Pretty amazing that a piece of music composed almost 330 years ago still resonates so much with today’s bride!  Sometimes people ask me if I get sick of playing it… and the answer is “no.”  Even if I didn’t love the song, Effesenden Music is about playing music that is first and foremost, meaningful to the bride and groom.   That said, the weird thing is that I actually am as enamored with the piece as the rest of the world.  That’s part of the reason that we have recorded several different samples of Canon or “Pachelbel’s Canon” as it is sometimes called.  The tempo and energy of the piece can be varied from elegant and formal to joyful and energetic.  

Traditional Classical string trio rendition:  Canon with Strings 
Acoustic rendition with violin, guitar & cello:  Canon in D Acoustic